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Cranial Wreckage
An aching of heart,
a change of paths,
Spending a lifetime
paying penance
for mistakes past.
Confused at the start,
A towering deck
of  tarot cards,
stacked against this.
Never glance back,
The presence
of the past,
Is still here to haunt me.
Communication and truth,
Only exists,
in censorship of
the chosen ones.
Melting my brain,
a swirling
Cranial wreckage.
Another year goes by,
But the world still
hasn’t faced itself.
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The Chemistry and The Puppies :iconkarmacursed:karmacursed 0 0
Shady Tree
Shady Tree
There is a tree that I do like,
I call it mine, and mine alone,
though to find it is quite a hike
and by mother earth its truly owned.
I enjoy the shade beneath my tree
its where I can take a rest from life,
it makes me feel content and free
as though I’ve never had a strife.
Over the years man has found, in pause,
shade from anything helps wounds heal.
Whatever their origin or cause,
it blocks out what feels too real.
I can stay however long my need
for I am always promised a nice rest.
in the end I always find, in deed,
the situations I left are still a mess.
Underneath the shade of the canopy
its as if my troubles seem to drown.
When all you find is bitterness and greed
And life seems to be  running you down,
you’re welcome to come escape with me
to enjoy the shade of this lovely tree.
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Concerning Prufrocks Peach
Concerning Prufrock’s Peach
Do you dare to eat a peach?
Go on, good sir, I’ll have one, too
fulfillment shared for a man each.
Careful not to let the juice dribble
down your chin,
to loose all that flavor would be
such a sin.
If you do happen upon the pit
I’ll ask you kindly. “Please stop
chewing it and spit.”
For it is very hard and chewing
it you would lament.
Sucking on the seed should never be done—
not for manners, just poor time spent.
Unless it’s an uncommon peach you desire,
Then, my friend, I am certainly out in the wind.
That specific peach only you can acquire
Or are you too gentle to see it to the end?
Still it is a lovely time to eat a peach,
so let’s go, good man, we’ll
go enjoy one peach each.
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Punch Bowl
Punch Bowl
Slumped over and leaning forward
knuckles dragging the pavement,
A steep hill stands here before your heart,
some twisted form of repayment
for taking the lives of the intolerant.
Onward, and steady still, you must march,
At our destination you’ll pitch a tent
that’s carried in a pack upon your back.
Bear the weight and march on, good soldier,
show them the world will not be conquered.
There could be no image, younger and bolder
Than you with this burden on your shoulder.
Whether your resting place is Iwo Jima
or off the beaches of Normandy,
a Punch Bowl in the sea, Arlington Cemetery,
or dead in a trench without a notary.
I will forever remember you, the lost,
for even in victory, I still feel your loss.
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Slumping in a chair, his mind asunder
Drooping like a flag on a windless day,
Staring into space with bloodshot eyes
Memories of her, smiling in the breeze,
An Iceberg shipwrecking his sanity,
Happiness and torment entwined.
The Friend?….
The Infatuation?….
The Love of his (deteriorated) life?….
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Subconscious Machines
Here stand the sound bodied and strong willed,
Machines driven by subconscious.
Thoughtless masses driven to survive,
Their only want for sustenance.
Empty thoughts of tomorrow,
Yesterday has been erased.
Fossils are buried in sand,
Parched bones of the meek and feeble.
A testament to Darwin.
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Out of sight, Out of mind?
Closing your eyes
To a blood stained face,
These haunting memories
Never will erase.
Left without hope
just a tortured soul,
forever with the feeling
that you’re loosing control.
Bound and broken
inside your own mind,
stare into the mirror
and witness your decline.
Do you see some one you despise?
How do you get it out of your mind?
Scars of the flesh
mental wounds unseen,
thrown out like filth
with the other unclean.
Just a vacant stare
strewn across your face,
the death toll climbs
as the bodies fall in place.
Is there a good way to meet a demise?
How do you get it out of your mind?
Scars on your soul
lack of control,
antisocial because
it’s got you in a chokehold.
A psychiatric flood
drowning in their blood,
left lying face down
with a mouth full of mud.
Slowly dying from the inside…
Tell me, how do you get it out of your mind?
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The Extinction
He runs past machine gun fire while
dodging mortar shells on Utah Beach,
French, the language of love…
he’d never heard it spoken.
Covered in blood and sand
he loads his rifle and gets ready,
To fight the enemy…
for his brothers in arms.
Surrounded by mutilated corpses
of what used to be his friends,
He charges up the steep shoreline…
Thinking of his family back home.
He had survived through
his first battle of the war,
But there were many more to follow…
Each claiming more of his brothers lives.
Many things he left unspoken when he returned,
unless to another veteran he spoke,
Shared stories of  battle and victory…
Along with memories of comrades he’d lost.
Now just a frail old man of 85
Each wrinkle in his face holds a story,
Of an age group slowly being lost…
The extinction of ‘The Greatest Generation.’
The only recognition received anymore
is at the local veterans meetings,
From other veterans of  wars over
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Weary souls wander catacombs searching for eternal rest,
Brave warriors along side lepers…
and peasants reeking of the plague,
Wading through murky caverns consumed by the blackness of death’s mortal presence,
Faint sounds of scratching are heard…
Lepers scraping their skinless fingers along the walls of  cold mortar and stone,
Life’s vibrant flame transcends the mortal coil and infuses itself with a sepulchral lamp,
One source of light within a labyrinth of darkness…
Lighting only skeletal remains of  those previously extinguished.  
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Cleansing Rain
The smell of rain in the air beckons
him out of his shell of insecurity,
to experience nature’s majesty.
A cleansing spring rain falls
upon his upturned face,
baptizing the impurities
of a wary and fearful man.
Water tumbles from the heavens,
he stands broad shouldered and confident
as his worries scamper away.
Lightning strobes and thunder bellows,
he darts back to his reliquary of fear
where he anticipates the opportunity
for another chance of purification.
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Bike :iconkarmacursed:karmacursed 3 7
The Friend I Grew to Love
We met sometime way back then,
I really can't quite tell you when,
We started a friendship that'd never end,
My love for her was the dividend.
It's really hard when you fall in love,
With the girl that's your best friend.
Every time that I see her now,
No matter where we are in town,
She pulls a smile out from my frown.
If I ever get to feeling down,
All she has to do is come around,
And all my problems fade away.
Even though it's killing me,
She's met the man of her dreams,
I'm glad for her and sad for me,
Seems this is how it's got to be.
Isn't that how the story always goes,
A broken hearted fool's love unspoken,
And the perfect girl who never knew.
I've lost another love, it seems,
But I still see her in my dreams,
I'll just wish her well and let it be.
I wonder if she ever thinks of me,
And all these cherished memories,
In love isn't an easy place to be,
I guess it's better than nothing at all.
Ain't it funny how I can write it down,
But when we're alone and she's around,
I can't
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'The Poet' Edit
I am not a poet
I simply write what I feel,
it helps me escape
that which seems too real.
Though, sometimes,
I write out of rhyme,
it is... perhaps...
to best express
how I feel at the time.
I do not write for your standards
or to the intellectuals minds,
I write to those others,
whose emotions bind.
Freedom of Speech...
freedom of Verse,
I write as I please
these are my words.
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Lost in the Atmosphere
These miles keep going past
as I stare through the glass
but I know not where you are,
The machine grows louder
as its climbing the tower
but there's no damsel in distress.
I've seen your face when you bared your soul,
for you were lost in the atmosphere.
Shaking your head while waking the dead,
who's soul is it that you fear?
We've all made a change
and it's never the same
but for me it's not 'Life goes on'
The smile you've arranged
seems so prearranged
is it such a torturous bond?
If tomorrow shadows over us
and leaves us drifting in the dust
Where will our souls carry on?
You've seen my face when I bared my soul,
for I was lost in the atmosphere.
Holding my head, I walked with the dead,
but it was my soul that they feared.
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I can sit this way, too. :iconkarmacursed:karmacursed 2 0

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It seems that going on a shooting rampage is the newest way to rebel against society. I guess protesting has gotten a little more hardcore over the years.
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My best friend in the world is my dog, Rufus, an english bull terrier. My last dog, Buddy, died during a deployment in 2010. I got Rufus shortly after I got back and we've been hanging out ever since.
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